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HB Chrysler Sales Manager testimonial

Culver CIty Volvo - Sales Rep & Finance Manager

Finance Manager - Culver City Volvo

Huntington Beach Chrysler - Salesman 


Accounting department: “ Saved us over $100,000 in inventory labor costs this year”

Eliminated reconciling issue we went through with our 2 day inventory program. Now the whole process is done in 2 minutes !” It is unbelievable. We have so many more hours to address other pressing issues at the dealership.”


Sales Department:

Sales Manager:
“Finding cars in 15 seconds has dramatically reduced the sales cycle time and made the customer experience much more enjoyable. We have eliminate  2-4 lost sales per weekend from people waiting  to be helped and tired of the 20- 30min it was taking to find cars.”


Sales Team: Finding the customer car in 15 seconds is a game changer for the customer and the sales team. We are saving 20-30 minutes in the sales cycle, while making the whole process less strenuous for the customer.”


 F & I:We generate $500-$1500 more per sale, while offering the customer the latest, easy to use technology in safety and security, for their family.


Owner:The bottom line is $1million more dollars while enjoying a dramatic improvement in both operations of the enterprise and and reduction in the sales cycle. Buy it for free:New delayed lease program allows you to deploy the system for free and start your management and profit center immediately.