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Morsegps Inventory Control System


Accounting department: “ Saved us over $100,000 in inventory labor costs this year”

Eliminated reconciling issue we went through with our 2 day inventory program.

Now the whole process is done in 2 minutes !” It is unbelievable.  We have so many more hours

to address other pressing issues at the dealership.”

Sales Department:

Sales Manager: “Finding cars in 15 seconds has dramatically reduced the sales cycle time and made the customer experience much more enjoyable. We have eliminate 2-4 lost sales per weekend from

people waiting  to be helped and tired of the 20- 30min it was taking to find cars.”

- Track your vehicle anytime anywhere
- 24/7 Customer Service
- Easy Install Devices
- Monitor Speed, history, mileage,           great reports.
- Login through your smart phone or       tablet.
- Portable, wireless trackers available
- Hands on treatment from the CEO
- The Best trach support in the country
- Unique Features for Dealerships

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our Services

GPS Tracking Program!
A Low Cost real-time GPS tracking system
that can assist your company in saving time and money

Service and Inventory Tracker

Fleet Management GPS Tracker

Great for Temporary Tracking, Trailer Tracking, Baggage Tracking & Rental Tracking, Trash Bins, Storage BinsInstalls in SecondsRe-chargeable up to over 100 locates on repo mode or 6 months on Standby (Storage)

Portable wireless Repo GPS Tracker 

Easy 5 Minute Installation 

Unique features for New Car Dealers!

Covert installation makes it invisible in any vehicle          

New Car Dealer Tracker with quick connect wire