Missing floored cars found in 15 seconds

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11 stolen cars recovered at HB Chrysler

News: Huntington Beach Chrysler, now #1 in the US!

”Now find your car anytime you want to”

Dealers can manage their entire fleet through a smart phone or laptop 

"Inventory Under 2 minutes"

Locate any car in 15 seconds

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Easy 5 Minute Installation

Unique features for New Car Dealers!

Covert installation makes it invisible in any vehicle          

Monitor Speed location, history, idle time, milage, great reports.            

Set notification via email and cell phone text message, if car is driven out of permitted area.

Hooks up to car battery – never runs out of power.

Friendly to use. Patented internal antenna is better than external antennas!

Hand on treatment from the CEO and the best tech support in the country!!!

Installation available

LMU 320 HB Chrysler set up - 2

Morse Inventory Control System